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Eating and Drinking in Russia

The traditions of modern Russian cuisines are closely connected with the food that peasants cooked already in the Russian Empire. Basic dishes haven't changed. Certainly, nowadays, when people are in hurry and don't have enough time to cook at home, they prefer fast food, cafe food, etc. Nevertheless, food and beverages that are served at home are almost the same as they were several hundred years ago.

Russian people are very hospitable, and you can make sure of it when you travel Russia food and beverages are in abundance, especially, during holidays and festivals in Russia.

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Eating in Russia Usually, there are three main meal times: breakfast, dinner, and supper. Main courses are served at dinner and supper. They include, first of all soups, and it's impossible to imagine a Russian dinner without them. There are different types of them: “shchi” (cabbages whit meat), “rassolnik” (hot soup of pickled cucumbers), “ukha” (boiled fish), “okroshka” (the ingredients aren't boiled but put in kvas or sour milk; it is usually cooked in summer), “kasha” (porridge) it's prepared from any grain (buckwheat, rice, wheat).

Most soups are served with “smetana” (sour cream). Though Russia is a huge country, these soups can be easily found almost in any corner and whenever you travel Russia.

Other popular dishes are from meat (sausages, pelmeni, chops, steak), from potato, and there also exist different salads from vegetables and fruits. One should never forget that most food is served with bread that is the most essential thing in Russian cuisine.

In Russia, people drink tea and coffee with pleasure as other nations do; among traditional alcoholic free beverages are prostokvasha, kvas, kompot (stewed fruit); among alcoholic drinks, vodka and samogon lead. Traditional beer in Russia is a bit sour.

Eating in Russia Drinking in Russia Drinking in Russia
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