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Irkutsk Travel Guide

Arrival to Irkutsk

It is very easy to get to Irkutsk by air, rail or by road. Of course in order to get there from Moscow or St Petersburg you'd better consider taking a flight. However, from Vladivostok or Khabarovsk you might catch a train and enjoy the gorgeous beauty of the surrounding nature.


Irkutsk International Airport is an airport in the center of Irkutsk, Russia. The airport is located fairly close to the city center and buses, trams, and minibuses run frequently between the airport and Kirov Square and other points in the historical center.

Irkutsk can be reached from either of the two major airports in Moscow, Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo 1 and also flies directly to Irkutsk from St. Petersburg and S7 Airlines uses Irkutsk as a regional hub, flying to several cities in Russia, as well as flights to China, South Korea, and elsewhere in Asia. Arranging to be picked up at the airport prior to departure is recommended, since both flights get in early in the morning and English-speaking taxis are hard to find.

The airport has many facilities for travellers, it has transfer between terminals, two passenger terminals, car parking, restaurants, cafes and bars, post office, a bank, telephones, small shops, baby room, parent room, Internet café, conference and business facilities. And due to its proximity to the Angara Reservoir the airport enjoys a particular microclimate, with foggy weather being prevalent for most of the year. The airport is often closed due to bad weather conditions.

There are no tourist information desks at the airport.
Address: 44 Boulevard Gagarina
Tel: 3952-296-315

Name: Irkutsk Airport
Address: Shiryamov Street 13, 664000 Irkutsk
Telephone: 3952-266-800
Website: (Russian only)
Location: The airport is situated 8km (5 miles) from the city centre. Irkutsk is in south eastern Siberia, 60km (37 miles) east of Lake Baikal in the Russian Federation.

Buses and shuttles between the airport and the city centre are frequent and cheap. The journey takes about half an hour.

Taxis are also available. 


Irkutsk is a station on the Trans Siberian Railway and there you can enjoy a tour of the Decembrists’ House Museum, Irkutsk connecting Moscow and Vladivostok.


The federal road connects Irkutsk with Vladivostok.

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