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Cafes in Irkutsk

HBaikal Business Center Café
This cafe is the champion in the quality of Bliny. Besides, it has a very stylish modern interior. Surprisingly, the prices are very low: you can get a plate of Bliny for 15 R ($0.5), and have a full meal for 70 R ($2.3).
Address: Baikalskaya st., 279.
Open: daily 10:00 - 19:00 p.m.

This is the real local bliny place, as authentic as it can be, the prices are low (5 roubles 48 kopeek for potatoes, 10 roubles 29 kopeek for simple pancakes), the interior is typical 80s, but the staff is friendly, and this place is favourite among locals. You can have a full meal for about 50 R ($1.7) there.
Address: Corner of Sukhe-Batora and Sverdlova st.
Open: 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. Sat: 10:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. Sunday off.

A trendy cafe and restaurant located in the very center of Irkutsk. Dinner for two will cost about $20 US. The place attracts young people, businessmen and foreigners. Nice cozy interior and superb delicious breads.
Address: Corner of Karla Marksa and Sukhe-Batora streets
Open: daily 10:00 - 20:00 p.m.

HHavana Café
The café is interesting, because it’s the only place on Karla Marksa street where you can have a good restaurant meal even late in the evening. Be prepared to pay about 150 roubles ($5) for a full meal, however, if you just want a salad, some baked potatoes and a drink, and it’ll cost you only 50 roubles ($1.7). They also have their own bakery with inexpensive tasty cakes and a bar.
Address: Sukhe-Batora St., 18 (entrance from Kalra Marksa St., 2nd floor).
Tel: 3952-334-384
Open: 9:00 a.m. till the last customer

HJeans café
It is stylish interior a variety of delicious teas/coffee. Nice place to treat your girlfriend/partner/friend.
Address: Baikalskaya Street, cinema Barguzin.

HLainer Kafe
Address: Aeroport
Tel: 3952-286-841

HMalakhit Kafe
Address: Ulica Chekhova 2
Tel: 3952-242-490

HMamachka café
It is funny interior design typical of Soviet public canteen with recepies coming from Soviet times. Variety of tasty Russian salads, clean, inexpensive, easy to order
Address: Karl Marx Street.

HMaradona Sport Café
Everyday football shows, hi-tech design. Expect to spend about 150 roubles ($5) on a meal and about 30 roubles ($1) on a drink.
Address: Kievskaya St., 1 (just next to Karla Marks Street).
Tel: 3952-240-750

HSayany Kafe:
Address: Ulica K. Marksa 39
Tel: 3952-340-137

It is a clean, modern cafe with good salads, reasonably-priced main courses, and, as their name suggests, sumptuous desserts. It also has free WiFi.

HSport Kafe
Address: Ulica K. Marksa 12
Tel: 3952-274-920

HTeatral'noe Kafe:
Address: Ulica Lenina 13 

HTsyplyata-Tabaka TOO "Lik" Kafe:
Address: Ulica Dekabr'skih Sobytij 85
Tel: 3952-278-590

HUyut (TOO Aviteg) Kafe
Address: Ulica S. Rasina 9
Tel: 3952-334-153

HVentus Kafe
Address: Ulica Derzhinskogo

HVienna café
It is a stylish, immaculate sparkling tableware, delicious cakes and pastry, wonderful hot drinks (coffee, teas, Glintwein, etc.) Peace of Vienna in Siberia.
Address: Stepana Razina Street (central)

HWeb-Ugol ("Web corner")
Internet Café, Lenin str., across the Monument to Lenin


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