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Kazan Travel Guide

Kazan Travel Guide

Kazan, the capital the Republic of Tatarstan, is a located in west-central Russia on the Volga River about 500 miles south-east of Moscow. It was once the capital of the powerful Tatar Khanate before being annexed into the Russian Empire after its defeat to Ivan the Terrible in 1552. Almost 500 years later the city remains a mixture of both Tatar and Russian heritage. It is a bilingual city with signs in both Russian and Tatar languages.

Кazan boasts two rather prestigious institutes of higher education including the Kazan State University and the Kazan State Technical University. The former has had prominent students including Lobachevsky, Tolstoy, and Lenin, while the later is one of the leading institutions in the development of aircraft and rocket engineering.

Кazan is home to numerous culture and historical sites including the Кazan Kremlin which was declared a World Heritage Site in 2000. The city is filled with magnificent buildings, monuments, boulevards and many other incredibly beautiful sights to see.

Kazan is an attractive city to Russians and foreign tourists, who like to come more and more every year. The city is famous for its Opera and Ballet theatres, Art museums, a State Symphonic Orchestra, and annual festivals like the International Opera Festival or the festival of Classic Ballet libraries the newest technologies and strong scientific potentials. Yet Kazan's nightlife offers a variety of nightclubs, sports bars, restaurants and romantic walk along the Volga's riverbank.

During the last few years the city has noticeably changed there are new parks, hotels, casinos, bars, cafes and restaurants. The world Famous Hermitage museum will also locate a branch in Kazan in the coming year. Tatarstan is situated in the center of the Russian Federation on the East-European Plain at the confluence of the two greatest rivers the Volga and the Kama. The central location of Kazan makes the trip shorter and easier for a traveler

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