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Best of Kazan

Beach of Kazan

The beach on the north shore of the Kazanka River is something special. Notwithstanding the fact that it’s a largely artificial set up on a river bank, the atmosphere here in summer is so carefree that it’s impossible not to be won over. Plus it gives you the chance to swim just near the waters of the mighty Volga.
Address: Take tram 20 or 21, get across to the north side of the city. The beach is right after the bridge.

Beach of  Kazan

Bulak Canal

In the old days, this canal divided Kazan into two living quarters. To the north-east on the hill was a predominantly Russian area while the south-west, between the canal and the Volga River was where most of the Tatar population lived. The old division can still be seen in that the Orthodox churches dot the Old Russian area while the city’s mosques can be found in the old Tatar area.

Bulak Canal in Kazan

Kazan Kremlin

The Kazan Kremlin is a wonderful combination of Muslim and Christian monuments, symbol of West meeting east. The Kazan Kremlin remains a unique architectural and historical monument, and rightly takes its place alongside the most remarkable world heritage objects. Such a location made the Kremlin all but impregnable. The length of the external perimeter is 1,800 metres. In 2000 the Kazan Kremlin was included in UNESCO World Heritage list.

Kazan Kremlin in Kazan

St Peter and Paul’s Cathedral

St Peter and Paul’s is a massive and beautiful baroque cathedral. Built to commemorate Peter the Great’s visit to Kazan, construction was finished in 1726. Inside it is equally sumptuous featuring a towering iconostasis, although the interior looks a little washed out.
Address: Ul. Musy Dzhalily, #21.
Open 9-18 daily. Entrance is free.

St Peter and Paul’s Cathedral in Kazan

The Complex of the Cathedral of the Annunciation

The cathedral is the largest building in the Kazan Kremlin and the oldest of the preserved stone constructions in Kazan. The inner columns of the Cathedral of the Annunciation are round, trumpet vaults were used instead of the usual passages to the main cupola, a device peculiar to Oriental architecture and unique in church-building of the period.

The Complex of the Cathedral of the  Annunciation in Kazan

The Fortification Complex

This historical Fortification is an archaeological monument that is unrivalled, beginning at the threshold of the 10th and 11th centuries, range from 2 to 8 metres in thickness. In the oldest, northern part of the citadel, remains of stone and wooden public housing and utility buildings have been discovered, as well as everyday and religious artifacts belonging to the culture of the Golden Horde and the Kazan Khanate epochs.

The Fortification Complex in Kazan

The Kazan State University

The oldest building of the University, with three classical portals along its white facade, was built in 1822.The Library has one of the world's most important bibliographical collections, containing 15000 manuscripts and more than 3000 rare books.
Address: The main building is towards the end of Kremlevskaya Ulitsa (at #18 to be precise) where it turns into Universitetskaya Ulitsa, but the comlplex takes up a full block.

The Kazan State University in Kazan

The Spasskaya Tower

The main entrance to the Kremlin goes through the Spasskaya Tower with the tower church of the Vernicle. It was built by Postnik Yakovlev and Ivan Shiryai between 1556 and 1562. The church was originally intended to keep Ivan the Terrible's icon and other relics of the Russian attack on Kazan in 1552. It was once also used to hold the military standard of Prince Dmytri Donskoi, the hero of the battle of Kulikovo Pole.

The Spasskaya Tower in Kazan

The Suyumbike Tower

The Suyumbike Tower in the complex of the Governor's Palace is the historical pearl and the architectural symbol of Kazan. It is 58 metres high, has seven tiers and is built of red brick. The three lower tetrahedrons go up in steps and are bordered by open terraces. Two octahedrons built upon the tetrahedrons are covered with a tented roof with a lantern watchtower topped by a spire. Interestingly, the Suyumbike is one of the world's leaning towers - currently its inclination is 1.8 meters.

The Suyumbike Tower in Kazan

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