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The City of Kazan

Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, is a located in west central Russia at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka Rivers in central European Russia. It is a major industrial, commercial and cultural center, and remains the most important center of Tatar culture.

The city is stretched along two banks of Kazanka River, at the place of its conjunction with the Volga River. Main point of Kazan sightseeing is our Kremlin which is under the UNESCO protection as an ancient monument. Kazan is a city with a colourful, violent, complicated, rich history, beautiful buildings raised in different architectural styles.

Kazan is a center of intellectual and revolutionary activity in Russia. Famous students at the city's renowned University of Kazan have included Lev Tolstoy, Lenin, and Karakozov. Also, the great opera singer Fyodor Chalyapin was born here. High cultural traditions are kept by philharmonic society, 4 state orchestras, Ensemble of songs and dance of Tatarstan Republic, second-largest in Russia Bolshoy concert hall, opera, drama and doll theatres. The city of Kazan

In the city there are 7 higher and secondary educational institutions of culture and art, over 50 musical and art schools. In the city there are the Catholic chapel, Judaism synagogue and other cult establishments, 20 mosques, Orthodox temples, Lutheran Kirha. One of the most famous and venerated Orthodox icons in Russian history is closely tied to the city of Kazan.

Today Kazan is the capital of the autonomous Republic of Tatarstan. Tatars, the descendants of the Golden Horde, make up about 40% of the city’s population and maintain their own culture and language. In 2005 Kazan celebrated its millennium jubilee. Despite of such venerable age, the city is growing and dynamically developing in all respects. Contemporary changes in the outside appearance of Kazan are contributed by the architects with worldwide known names.

The great Volga, meadows, forests, fields, variety of flora and fauna can't leave anybody indifferent. In winter the city gets a real winter with snowfalls, icy rivers, New Year and Christmas, frosts, a good time for skiing and skating. In summer it's hot here sometimes over +30 C. In summer you can go fishing, swimming, you can walk as long as you like without getting cold. Kazan streets are so beautiful especially at night. Rush hours are gone, it's quiet and one can enjoy the city walking its centuries old streets, buildings, parks and squares.

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