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Kizhi Travel Guide

Kizhi Travel Guide

Kizhi is this little island on Lake Onega that is open air museum is situated on Kizhi Island 70 kilometers to the northeast of Petrozavodsk, the capital of Karelia, open-air museum of wooden architecture. The short, mysterious word "kizhi", which doesn't sound Russian, come from the inhabitants of Karelia who called it a place for games: Kizhi. So, it's the Island for games. The motor ship will sale down the river of Svir and come to the Lake of Onega.

There are 2 main churches (the Cathedral of the Transfiguration and the Cathedral of the Intercession) and a bell tower as the main attractions, which were all built from wood without a single nail. The striking Cathedral of the Transfiguration and its 22 domes, all in unpainted wood, are visible from afar. Unfortunately, entry is prohibited so as to slow its inevitable decay. The ancient wooden architecture is the Kizhi ensemble, a group of small islands in the skerries of the southern part of the Zaonezhye region.

The oldest monument of the museum is the Church of Lazar of Murom. According to the legend, it was built in the latter half of the 15th century on the south eastern shore of Lake Onego. Dwelling peasant’s houses, brought to the territory of the museum in different times, are the unique complex houses, where household and living quarters are under the same roof.

The architectural ensemble of wooden structures ranks with the very famous world's creations, such as the Acropolis in Athens and the Forum in Rome, Notre-Dame in Paris and St. Sophia's cathedrals in Novgorod and Kiev. Tourists can admire wooden churches, bell-towers and houses made by talented Russian carpenters.

The Kizhi historic, cultural and natural complex is a unique historic area having no equal in the European North of Russia reflecting the concentration of the monuments of the Russian heritage.

The Kizhi Reserve keeps numerous species of birds, animals and trees under protection. Several populations of huge fir trees can be found around. Boat and walking eco trips can be arranged to explore Kizhi nature: botanical, geological and ornithological, that waits for your visit.

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