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Getting Around Moscow By Bus

Expect plenty of argy-bargy to get in, but once inside admire the reliability with which money changes hands as those at the back pass their roubles to the front for a ticket. Russian-run tourist buses offer day trips to cities on the Golden Ring outside Moscow and several sights around St. Petersburg, and are generally comfortable. Vendors often hawk tours on loudspeakers at central spots such as St. Petersburg's Nevsky Prospekt metro station and Moscow's Red Square. Otherwise, hotels can often arrange bus tours.

Getting Around Moscow By Bus

Most of them don't go on the schedule, and the average waiting time can be from 5 minutes to 40 minutes in the evenings. The public transport works are from 5:30 until 1:00. The bus stops are yellow plates marked with "A" signs, trolleys' - white plates with "T" and trams' with "Tp". There are no night buses or trolleys or trams.


HTsentralny Avtovokzal

Address: Central Bus Station, 75 Schelkovskoe shosse, Moscow.

Tel: 495-468-0400.

Metro: Schelkovskaya.

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