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Getting Around Moscow By Metro

The metro in Moscow is extremely safe compared to any major city. The trains are run very frequently and on time. The cost is approximated 17 rubles (about 70 cents). The metro is a very fast and efficient way getting around Moscow because the traffic jams can occur quickly particularly early in the morning and when people are coming home from work.

The open hours are from 5:20 am to 1:00 am usually the last train starts its way at 00:50 am from the last station at any line; the passes between stations are closed at 1:00 am. There are 9 train stations in Moscow. Each has the name of the main direction of the trains that depart from this railway station. All the railway stations are located close to the centrum of the city.

Getting Around Moscow By Metro

Pocket maps of the system are available at newspaper kiosks and sometimes from individual vendors at metro stations. Be sure that you obtain a map with English transliterations in addition to Cyrillic. The metro is easy to use and amazingly inexpensive. Stations are marked with a large illuminated "M" sign. The fare is the same regardless of distance traveled, and there are several stations where lines connect and you may transfer for free.

Metro Station



Belorusski Vokzal
Metro "Belorusskaya", (brown ring line, north). (495) 251-6093
Kazanski Vokzal
Metro "Komsomolskaya", (brown ring line or red line, north-east). (495) 264-6556

Kievski Vokzal

Metro "Kievskaya", (blue or brown ring line, west)

(495) 240-1115

Kurski Vokzal

Metro "Kurskaya", (blue or brown ring line, east)

(495) 916-2003

Leningradski Vokzal

Metro "Komsomolskaya", (red or brown ring line, north-east)

(495) 262-9143

Paveletski Vokzal

Metro "Paveletskaya", (green or brown ring line, south)

(495) 235-0522

Rizhski Vokzal

Metro "Rizhskaya", (orange line, north)

(495) 971-1588

Savelovski Vokzal

Metro "Savelovskaya", (grey line, north)

(495) 285-9005

Yaroslavski Vokzal

Metro "Komsomolskaya"

(495) 621-5914


The metro has no special zones - all the metro is one zone, and there's no time limit for using your ticket. You can buy a ticket for 15 roubles ($0.60) for one trip and spend as much time inside as you like. You can also save money and buy tickets for 5 trips - 70 roubles ($2.80) (cheaper), a ticket for 10 trips - 125 roubles ($5.00), or a ticket for 20 trips – 230 roubles ($8.50).

Metro Tickets, Moscow

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