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Arrival By Train to Moscow

The most important stations are Belorussia Station (Belorussky Vokzal), for trains to Belorussia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and France; Kazan Station (Kazansky Vokzal), for points south, Central Asia, and Siberia; Kiev Station (Kievsky Vokzal), for Kiev and western Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary; Kursk Station (Kursky Vokzal), for eastern Ukraine, the Crimea, and southern Russia; Leningrad Station (Leningradsky Vokzal), for St. Petersburg, northern Russia, Estonia, and Finland; Pavelets Station (Paveletsky Vokzal), for eastern Ukraine and points south; Riga Station (Rizhsky Vokzal), for Latvia; and Yaroslav Station (Yaroslavsky Vokzal), for points east, including Mongolia and China. The Trans-Siberian Express departs from Yaroslav Station every day at 9:56 AM.


HMain Ticket Offices
Address: 6 Griboyedova ul.
Tel: 495-266-9000.
Metro: Chistiye Prudy. 15/13 Petrovka ul.

HMoscow Railways Agency
Tel: 495-266-9333.


HBelorussia Station
Address:  Northern Outskirts.
Tel: 495-251-6093.
Metro: Belorusskaya.

HKazan Station
Address: Northern Outskirts.
Tel: 495-264-6556.
Metro: Komsomolskaya.

HKiev Station
Address: Krasnaya Presnya.
Tel: 495-240-1115.
Metro: Kievskaya.

HKursk Station
Tel: 495-916-2003.
Metro: Kurskaya.

HLeningrad Station
Address: Northern Outskirts.
Tel: 495-262-9143.

HPavelets Station
Address: Paveletsky Vokzal, Southern Outskirts.
Tel:  495-235-0522.
Metro: Paveletskaya.

HRiga Station
Address: Northern Outskirts.
Tel: 495-971-1588.
Metro: Rizhskaya.

HYaroslav Station
Address: Northern Outskirts.
Tel: 495-921-5914.
Metro: Komsomolskaya.

Arrival to Moscow By Train

Arrival to Moscow By Train

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