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Night Clubs in Moscow

This is a very hip New-York style dance club. The music is played by DJs from the most popular radio stations. The club offers a variety of music but the main emphasis is on house style. The club is located in a basement and decorated as a garage. It's very crowded on weekends. The club has a restaurant that offers some good choices of food like chicken wings for 200 roubles ($7) or Beavis and Butthead nachos for 120 roubles ($4). Entry is free.
Address: Tverskaia ulitsa, 15/2 Moscow
Tel: 095-209-1848

HKarma Bar
Attracting a predominantly young crowd, Karma plays mainly R&B, chart and Latin music. Not one of the most fashionable places in town, but an unpretentious crowd gives it a fun vibe, and a packed dance floor is almost always guaranteed.
Address: Pushechnaya ulitsa, 3
Tel: 495-924-5633

Located on the site of a former cinema, this dance club is popular with Moscow's young crowd. Two floors, three bars with all sorts of vodkas, tequilas and cocktails. On the first floor there's plenty space for you to sit with your drink and scope out the crowd.
Address: Ulitsa Pavlovskaia, 6 Moscow
Tel: 095-237-3791

This small but friendly club has been a staple five of the Moscow night owls for a while now. Mio is a far cry from the money and models joints of New Russia - just a great place to get down with a glam crowd. If you do spunk your energy a little early on the dance floor you can always refuel the batteries in the cafe.
Address: pl. Kaluzhskaya 1
Tel: 495-238-5848

A surprisingly stylish and cozy place with hospitable staff, high-quality service, the prices are more than reasonable for a place situated near the American Embassy. A pint of beer costs between 40 and 80 roubles ($1.4-$3), Martini is 80 roubles ($3), while soft drinks are 60 roubles ($2), which is significantly cheaper than in other centrally located nightspots.
Adddress: Novinskii bul'var 11, building 1 Moscow
Tel: 095-255-4333

HNight Flight
You can have plenty of fun grooving to the cheesy 80s soundtrack and checking out the leggy blondes.
Address: Tverskaya 17
Tel: 495-629-4165

Propaganda is surely one of the best places in Moscow to go for an unpretentious boogie. Thursdays and Saturdays tend to be the biggest nights, when you're most likely to see a guest DJ from around the world spinning the ones and twos. Hit the bar early for some cheaper beverages (before 11:00pm) and then watch as a cosmopolitan crowd of middle-class Russians. There's usually a gay night on Sundays, but check to be sure.
Address:  Bolshoi Zlatustinsky, Pereulok, 15
Tel: 495-624-5732

On weekdays the club is basically visited by people from nearby areas or band members who come to support their fellow bands play—it can get very lively if the band is popular enough. Svalka has a mainly teenage and early twenties clientele with rare exceptions. It is the place to see Russian alternative and progressive bands in action. Dancing near the stage during performances is strongly encouraged.
Address: Profsoiuznaia ulitsa 27/1 Moscow
Tel: 095-128-7823

Taxman occupies two fairly spacious rooms. The first has one stage for performances and another for dancing which is set in the middle of the room with chairs around it and tables to the side, with the rest of the space constituting the dance floor. The second room is reminiscent of a McDonald's, with numerous tables tucked next to each other and bright lights.
Address: Krymskii Val, 6 Moscow
Tel: 095-238-0864

Close to the central attractions of the Kremlin and Red Square Territoria is a popular place with students, though its recent refurbishment may soon entice a broader cross-section of clubbers. The music styles are a real mixed bag but tend to be young and pretty upbeat by Moscow standards. Expect anything from acid jazz to heavy drum and bass.
Addres: Address: Tverskaya ulitsa, 5/6
Tel:  495-292-4544

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