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In addition to Moscow City Tourist Office, the service bureaus of all the major hotels offer their guests various tourist services, including help in booking group or individual excursions, making a restaurant reservation, or purchasing theater or ballet tickets. 

HMoscow City Tourist Office
Address: 21/5 Kuznetsky Most, Suite 2-022, Moscow.
Tel: 495-928-9837.
Metro: Kuznetsky Most.


Most hotels have currency-exchange bureaus, some operating 24 hours a day. You can also exchange currency or traveler's checks at the Russian banks; one of the most reliable is Sberbank, the Russian state bank or you can also try the Moscow Bank office in the Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel.

HMoscow Bank
Address: Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel, 2 Berezhkovskaya nab., Krasnaya Presnya.
Tel: 495-941-8020.
Metro: Kievskaya.
Address: 19 ul. Tverskaya.
Tel: 495-299-7995.
Metro: Pushkinskaya.


Russian state dental facilities are as grim as their medical facilities. Of the general service clinics, the American Medical Center, European Medical Centre, International SOS Clinic, and Mediclub Moscow also provide dental services.

HGerman Dental Clinic
Address: 2 Volochayevskaya ul., Bldg. 1, Western Outskirts.
Tel: 495-362-4902.
Metro: Ploshchad Ilycha.
Open: Weekdays 9-9 and Saturday 9-3
HU.S. Dental Care
Address: 7/5 Bolshaya Dmitrovka.
Tel: 495-933-8686.
Metro: Pushkinskaya.
Open: Weekdays 9-9 and Saturday 9-3.


Unless you have official business or are met by embassy personnel or a compound resident, contact:

Address: 23 Starokonyushenny per.
Tel: 495-105-6000.
Metro: Kropotkinskaya.
HUnited Kingdom
Address: 10 Smolenskaya nab.
Tel: 495-956-7200.
Metro: Smolenskaya.
HUnited States
Address: 19/23 Novinsky bulvar.
Tel: 495-728-5000.
Metro: Barrikadnaya.


In an emergency, you can also contact your country's consular section for help with the logistics of serious medical treatment.

HAmbulance: (03).
HAmerican Citizens Services:  495-728-5577 after-hours emergency.
HBritish Embassy clinic:  495-956-7270.
HFire: (01).
HPolice: (02).


HAmerican Medical Center
It offers full-range family practice and emergency services, including evacuation assistance. The office is open 24 hours, and doctors make house calls 24 hours a day.
Address: 1 Grokholsky per., Northern Outskirts.
Tel: 495-933-7700.
Metro: Prospekt Mira.
HEuropean Medical Centre
It offers a full range of services, including day and night house calls. Hospital referral is usually to the ZKB Presidential Hospital. English and French are spoken.
Address: 5 Spiridonevsky per., Bldg. 1.
Tel: 495-933-6655.
Metro: Mayakovskaya or Pushkinskaya.
HInternational SOS Clinic
It is a non-member service that provides comprehensive care, hospitalization referral to the Kuntsevo Hospital, and evacuation via an in-house company. English, French, and German are spoken, and there's a pharmacy on-site.
Address: 31 Grokholsky per., 10th fl., Northern Outskirts.
Tel: 495-937-5760.
Metro: Prospekt Mira.
HMediclub Moscow
It is a Russian clinic that provides full medical service and hospital referral to Glavmosstroy Hospital. It's open weekdays 9-4, with last appointments at 3; you may call after hours for an emergency.
Address: 56 Michurinsky pr., Southern Outskirts.
Tel: 495-931-5018, 495-931-5318.
Metro: Prospekt Vernadskovo.

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