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City of Moscow

Moscow is the capital of the Federation of Russia or of the call USSR, being this the biggest city of Russia. Moscow has a surface of almost 1000 km2.  Moscow extends near of the Moscova River, which crosses about 80 km. within the city. Moscow concentrates industrial, scientific, educative, financial and cultural the activity of the country. The Region of Moscow consists of 74 cities with more than 6.5 million inhabitants, of who 80% constitute urban population.

The historical center is located on a hill located in the left margin of the river, that is to say, where are two emblematic places of the city: the Kremlin and the Red Seat. Starting off from the center, that is to say, from the Kremlin, the city was adopting a circular form and it was growing like a ring series that marked the limit previously and served as protection.

The "Ring of the Boulevards" (Bulvarnoye Koltso), bordering the central zone is the "Ring of the Gardens" (Sadovoye Koltso), with an extension of 16 km, the Third Ring (Tretye Koltso) of recent construction, and by outside an extensive freeway of 109 km, the MKAD, that serves as present border of the city. Also from the center they divide numerous arteries radial that correspond to old ways of communication with neighbouring cities. Moscow counts on a network of underground transport of more than 260 km than it constitutes a true work of art in itself. The City of Moscow

Conceived by Stalin like "the palace of people", numerous artists including painters, famous sculptors and architects worked in their numerous stations doing of each one of them true museums of art. The 165 stations covered by 11 lines are quite deep, about 50 meters in average, since they had to serve as refuge in case of attacks, and see spend every day of 10 to 13 million people. Branches of trains start off in all directions to reach the points more separating from the immense country, including the famous "Transiberiano” that unites Moscow with Vladivostok, in the coast of the Pacific, crossing more than 9000 km.

Moscow, the "Third Rome", since they have given in calling it during his upset history, appears to the traveller like a mysterious city; it is not looked like the European cities, either to the Asians. Surrounded per years in the ghost of the Communism, today it attracts thousands of anxious tourists to discover finally the mythical capital. From the traditional visit to the magnificent set of the Kremlin and the Red Square with the beautiful Cathedral of Saint's Basil, passing by the famous Bolshoi theatre that astonished per decades to the entire world, to its incredible tube stations. The City of Moscow

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