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Restaurants in Moscow


The food is just as homey even if the service is not quite so familiar. This is an atmospheric and decently priced way to sample the rich and underappreciated pleasures of Georgian cuisine. Also try adzhapsandal, an eggplant-and-tomato based ragout; or pkhali, spinach, garlic, and walnuts ground to a rich paste.
Address: Mama Zoya on the Water at 16d Frunzenskaya Naberezhnya, Moscow
Tel: 095-242-8450

Restaurants in Moscow

The menu is strong on seafood and Russian specialties such as boiled eggs stuffed with caviar, smoked Baltic salmon. The veal with bananas, pine nuts, and cranberries is hardly traditional but is remarkably good. The hall is so large it can feel cavernous if it's empty, but evenings are usually lively with visiting executives, successful Russians, and well-to-do tourists
Address: 1/4 Teatralny Proyezd, Moscow
Tel: 095-927-6000

The three halls are decked out as a farmyard with a stream and live pheasants; a country attic; and a blacksmith's workshop. From a culinary standpoint, the best thing about the restaurant is the half-portions offered for many of their dishes, allowing you to eat lightly or sample several of their traditional Russian specialties. Fish features prominently, but the veal dishes are just as successful.
Address: 7 Tverskoi Bulvar, Moscow
Tel: 095-290-3737

The restaurant has made it on the circuit of Moscow's young, hip professionals, who seem to expect sushi on any menu. The pavilion complies, but the rest of its repertoire is more intriguing. Try the white mushroom soup served with a quarter-loaf of rich, brown caraway-flavored bread; the cottage cheese tartlets (syrniki); or the borscht with duck breast.
Address: 7 Bolshoi Patriarshy Pereulok, Moscow
Location: On the grounds of Patriarch's Ponds park
Tel: 095-203-5110


Cheap, fast, and kid-friendly, Rostik's offers standard chicken combos plus nuggets and chicken wraps. The slightly more Russian options include lamb shish kebab and smoked salmon wrapped in Armenian lavash bread. There's not much in terms of light dining. The urban setting means the kids' play area is indoors. The Mayakovskaya branch is the most convenient, but keeps an eye out for other branches around town.
Address: 2/1 Pervaya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ulitsa, Moscow
Tel: 095-251-4950

Restaurants in Moscow

Grilled fish is also on offer, as well as seafood-based appetizers and salads. The only appropriate beverage for a crayfish lunch is Russian beer. The constant crunch of the shells provides a surreal soundtrack for the sight of young and middle-aged Russian businessmen on their lunch break, trying not to drip sauce on their suits.
Address: 11/4 Maroseika, building 1, Moscow
Tel: 095-921-8545


This restaurant is best appreciated over a long dinner after you've had some time to explore the rest of Moscow. It's located in a district full of reminders of Russia's military victories. The cuisine is Russian tinged by the French influences so popular in 18th- and 19th-century court circles. Top choices include braised rabbit with forest mushrooms
Address: 36A Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Moscow
Tel: 095-249-6965

Restaurants in Moscow

The restaurant takes its name from one of Anton Chekhov's plays. The menu of Russian favorites is accessible and safe, with highlights including cold sorrel soup (zelyoniye shchi), wild mushrooms, and buckwheat kasha. The restaurant serves a hearty breakfast, too. The whimsical placemats are a good way to learn the Russian alphabet.
Address: 16 Pyatnitskaya, Moscow
Location: Entrance in courtyard
Tel: 095-951-0586

This may be Moscow restaurateur Arkady Novikov's most successful creation, a masterful blend of Russian ingredients, European cooking techniques, and smattering of Asian cuisine aimed at the increasingly demanding Muscovite nouveau riche palate. Hits include the barabulka fish filet with asparagus and orange sauce, and the rich and ever-changing soups.
Address: 1 Ostozhenka, Moscow
Tel: 095-202-3341

Russia's new rich and visiting executives make business deals here, and though there's no dress code you'll feel uncomfortable in jeans. The dishes are frivolously named, so don't be afraid to ask what the "Lady's Caprice" dessert contains. The baked grouse with figs and chestnuts is excellent.
Address: 32/2 Leningradsky Prospekt, Moscow
Tel: 095-250-7449

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