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Murmansk Travel Guide

Murmansk Travel Guide

Murmansk is a city in the extreme northwest of Russia; it is the largest city within the Arctic Circle. This important port on the shores of Kola Bay is warmed by the waters of the Gulf Stream and is free of ice throughout the year.

The city was named after the Russian Royal Dinasty Romanovs. Murmansk’s development has started just in the beginning of this century. Before that, the Kola Peninsula was inhabited only by the Skolt Lapps and a few Russian settlers.

The main sources of livelihood are fishing, shipping and the navy. This is a great sight to see largely because of the unique Arctic nature. The peninsula is covered by thousands of lakes and dense forests. Here you'll observe the polar day in summer and the polar night in winter.

Murmansk has weeks of total darkness in the winter and enjoys weeks of 24 hour sunshine in the summer. Go in winter, and you can have air temperatures of 16 degrees Celsius, with great clouds of steam coming off the water and hanging over the port area as fog.

The people of Murmansk are generally kindly but very few speak English. Lots of places in the surrounding are military areas and they are not marked. You should not take photographs in such places or in the harbour unless you don’t want to be stopped by the military police. The Northern Light seen here from November to December and in March you can see the Sports Festival of the Peoples of the North, Murmansk waits for your visit.

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