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Best of Murmansk

Lapland Nature Reserve

The territory between the east border of the Reserve and highway Murmansk-Petersburg is the buffer zone. The Lapland Nature Reserve is not far from Murmansk, and it is possible to arrange excursions to this vast wilderness, inhabited by wolves, reindeer and around 180 different species of birds. Lapland reserve was established to protect the northern taiga and mountain tundra, and particularly to conserve the Kola reindeer.

Lapland Nature Reserve in Murmansk

Northern Light

The polar region is created as if specially for those who dream of watching the Northern lights at least once in a lifetime. Here are forests, endless tundra, rivers, and unruffled surfaces of lakes. This region is for real romantics, who dream of setting off to the Northern Pole on an icebreaker; catching the tsar-fish of the northern rivers – salmon; of skiing down snow covered slopes of the Khibini; watching the beauty of underwater world of the White and Barents Seas.

Northern Light in Murmansk

Monument to Anatoly Bredov

The monument to Anatoly Bredov was solemnly opened on the 9th of May. He perished on the 11th of October 1944, having blown himself and enemies by the last Granada. Memorial in honour of the military concord of the countries of anti Hitler alliance during the World WarII

Monument to Anatoly  Bredov in Murmansk

Monument to V. I. Lenin

This monument it in Lenin Avenue wide main road of the city, lilac bushes and rowan trees on both sides. In 20th years its name was Soviet and it differed from the present one. The new name was given to it when V. I. Lenin died. In 1957 the solemn unveil of the monument to Lenin had occurred on Lenin avenue.

Monument to V. I.  Lenin in Murmansk

Monument to S. M. Kirov

Many events are connected in our city with the name of this person. He was the first secretary of Leningrad Regional Communist Party Committee in 1926-1934, during the period when Murmansk was the part of Leningrad Region.

Monument to S. M.  Kirov in Murmansk

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