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The City of Murmansk

Murmansk was founded in 1916 with British assistance during the World War I and situated in north-western Russia. With a population of more than one half million inhabitants, it is the largest city within the Artic Circle. It has served as a commercial and naval port, a base for Russia's fishing industry, a shipyard, plus an important center for science including oceanographic and polar institutions.

The city is often called "the Arctic gates", as the city is the starting point of the Northern Sea way and the base of the icebreaking fleet. Although it is a relatively young city, Murmansk has played a significant role in events of the 20th century.

It was a strategic port during the Russian civil war, being occupied by Allied forces in defiance of the Bolsheviks from 1918-1920. It was also awarded the title of Hero City in 1985 for its resistance to axis forces during World War II.

It is the largest seaport, which is free of ice throughout the years and the most important base of fishing industry in Russia. Shipbuilding and repairing of vessels is the main part of Murmansk industry.

The City of Murmansk

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the loss of state funding, Murmansk's economy suffered as a significant portion of its commercial and naval shipping disappeared. The main sources of livelihood are fishing, shipping and the navy. This is a great sight to see largely because of the unique Arctic nature.

The city is an important scientific and cultural center of the region. Significant oceanographic and polar institutions are located in Murmansk. Every year Murmansk is getting more and more popular as the center of international tourism. Here you'll observe the polar day in summer and the polar night in winter. Excursions to the giant ships, beautiful northern nature and exotic animals, as well as cruises across the northern seas guarantee an unforgettable trip.

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