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Best of Novgorod


It is the most important monument; it is a unique ensemble of buildings, combining the rigour of medieval fortified walls and towers with the austerity of classical architecture of the 19th century. The Kremlin consisted of 14 towers, but only 12 have survived. In the summer, by climbing up the brick-built Kladovaya Tower you can admire the expanses of the Volga region and views of the Strelka (the confluence of the Volga and Oka rivers).

Kremlin in Novgorod

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

This it is one Churches more beautiful of Russia, this Presbyterian church supports the simplicity and customs of its epoch, the great devotion of their files infects every visitor.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Novgorod

Archangel Cathedral

The Archangel Cathedral is the only ancient building left inside the walls of the Kremlin; Archangel's cathedral is the first construction of stone of 13o century.

Archangel Cathedral in Novgorod

The Clock Tower

It was named so because it housed a mechanical clock, with a large clock face on the outer wall that served as the city's main time-keeper. The top of the tower is adorned with a guard station. From the 18th to nowadays is the headquarters for the guards of the Eternal Flame.

The Clock Tower in Novgorod

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