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Novgorod Travel Guide

Shopping in Novgorod

One of the best things to do on Novgorod is shopping. Novgorod has a good established economy of the Volga region. This charming city is dotted with several tourist destinations and many places for Shopping.

There are numerous shopping malls, where you can go for Shopping in Novgorod. Some of the popular shopping malls in the city are:

Shopping in Novgorod

French international retail group and multinational corporation, small shops and hypermarkets.

Address: 124, Belinsky Str.
This is a well-known shopping complex.

Shopping in Novgorod


Address: 63, Belinsky Str.
It has a lot of items that you can purchase at affordable prices.

It is mega shopping center they have a variety of structure of Swedish furniture and home furnishings

Shopping in Novgorod

Mega Mall
Address: Located in Fedyakovo region, a few kilometres to the east of Novgorod.
This is one of the most popular shopping malls in the city.

Address: Right in front of Moskovsky station.
This is a big mall and has everything you want.

Shopping in Novgorod

There are a few supermarkets but they are wonderful places for Shopping. You will come across a large variety of items ranging from household goods to beautiful souvenirs at these supermarkets in the city with several options.

This makes tourists from world come to this city frequently. 

Shopping in Novgorod

The most popular Novgorod souvenirs will certainly be made of Birch-bark. Birch-bark works is wide from small woven boxes, gracefully embossed picture frames, tiny key-holders in the shape of lapti (form of shoes), Valdai bells another popular Novgorod souvenir, porcelain, "blue" cobalt kitchen utensils with images of the golden silhouette of the St. Sophia Cathedral and ancient ornaments.

Shopping in Novgorod

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