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Novosibirsk Travel Guide

Arrival to Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is located in the center of Siberia. Therefore, you can easily get there from any big city either by air or by train.


The faster way to get to Novosibirsk is by plane through Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. The international airport Tolmachevo is located eighteen kilometers to the west of the city. If there are no direct flights to Novosibirsk from your country, then you may get to the capital of Siberia via Moscow.

The flight from Moscow to Novosibirsk takes about three hours, whereas flying in the opposite direction is almost one hour longer. The majority of such flights are operated by S7 Airlines. Apart from it, there is a wide choice of charter flights to seaside resorts in summer.


Take a train from Moscow, the Rossiya trains are generally the best and take about 2 days. You'll arrive at the Trans-Siberian Railway's largest station and the trip takes less than two days, whereas an ordinary train will deliver you in a little bit more than two days.

The Trans-Siberian Railway has an opportunity to acquire a firsthand experience about and to see more than a half of Russia. The price very much depends on the date of departure and on the speed of the train. Finally, a one-way ticket in a luxury car costs 10,000 up to 17,000 roubles. Such compartments are more comfortable, they accommodate two people, and some extra services are provided by the transporting company.

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