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Best of Novosibirsk


It is the highest mountain range of Siberia and the major recreational centre for the citizens of Novosibirsk. Mountains, lakes, the wilds, clear air. It is a perfect place for summer and winter vacation. It is located a 600 km of the city, it easy to get to Altai either by car or by buses rented by tourist agencies.

Altai in Novosibirsk

Bridge Monument

It is one of the oldest constructions built in Novosibirsk. The whole city has developed from a settlement of workers building this very bridge, which was a part of the Trans-Siberian Railway, in the XIX century. When the bridge was rebuilt in the XX century, one of its spans was taken away, reconstructed and placed on the quay.

Bridge Monument in Novosibirsk

Lake Baikal

It is advisable to stay at the northern part of the lake, since the shoreline there has not yet been littered by tourists. It takes one and a half days to get to Severobaikalsk from Novosibirsk by train. There, a few companies based in the city’s small hotels organize different guided tours around the area.

Lake Baikal in Novosibirsk

Mountain Ski Resorts

Mountain skiing and snowboarding are popular among the youth in Novosibirsk. The ski center in Novosesodovo and Klyuchi (7 km from the city) feature good quality mountain ski tracks, but the most popular place is Sheregesh in the Kemerovo region.

Mountain Ski Resorts in Novosibirsk

The Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra

It is on of major attractions in the city. The Orchestra is well-known outside Siberia and Russia.  The Novosibirsk Philharmonic is among the best orchestras of Russia.

The  Novosibirsk  Philharmonic Orchestra in Novosibirsk

The Lenina Square

This is the main sight in Novosibirsk. Just take a metro to Lenina square or walk about 15 minutes from the railway station along Vokzalnaya Magistral Street. It is a monument to Soviet time that impresses with huge statues of workers, soldiers, and Lenin himself. Besides, it's a popular place for going out among Novosibirsk people, so Lenina square is a good place to meet people, too.

The Lenina  Square in Novosibirsk

Traffic Lights Monument

This monument is situated on the intersection of Serebrennikovskaya str. and Sibrevkoma str. It was here where the first traffic lights were installed.

Traffic Lights Monument in Novosibirsk

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