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The City of Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is Russia's third largest city, after Moscow and Saint Petersburg. It is also the largest city in Siberia and the administrative center of Siberian Federal District, in the southwest of which it is located.

Officially, the date of the foundation is 1893 but it has become a city only in the beginning of the 20th century. Actually, the camp of the workers, who were building the bridge across river Ob' to continue the Trans-Siberian Railway was settled in the 1893.The city was considered to be the business capital of Siberia, so the largest Siberian banks and the Siberian Stock and Commodity Exchanges are situated there.

Novosibirsk is the largest mega polis of Siberia, the largest municipality in Russia, the administrative centre of the Siberian Federal district and Novosibirsk area; the city, bridging Europe and Asia, the crossroads of international, federal and regional ways - air, river, automobile and railways; it is described in the Guinness book of records as the youngest mega polis of the world. Novosibirsk is an interesting mix of a big city and provincial town. The City of Novosibirsk

The monumental central avenue, squared functionally planned streets, famous University, large railway station, and village like suburbs, helpful people and reasonable prices all in one city. During World War II, many industries were evacuated here from the western regions of the Soviet Union. Among the goods manufactured here are chemicals, textiles, and mining machinery.

Rich cultural life of Novosibirsk is provided by six theatres, a local orchestra and a musical conservatory. The Novosibirsk Opera House is an architectural masterpiece itself and includes two ballet and opera groups well-known in the world.

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