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Music and Theatres in St Petersburg


HDeep Sound
It is continues the old city tradition of using bomb-shelters in a peaceful way for underground music industry in particular. There’s no room for big crowds, but quite enough for several dozens of college students
Address: #31, Ul. Chernyakhovskogo.
Metro: Ligovsky Prospect.
Tel: 812-340-9111.
Open: Mon-Sat 20:00-6:00 a.m.,
Cost: 100-150 roubles

It was the first club with alternative music. Fishfabrique is a favorite place for local alternative musicians and cult artists. Live concerts start at 9 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday, occasionally even on Mondays.
Address: Ligovsky prospekt, #53 or Pushkinskaya ul., #10.
Metro: Next to Moskovski railway station or Oktyabrskaya hotel.
Tel: 812-164-4857.
Cost: 50 to 200 roubles ($2 - $8US).

HJazz Philharmonic Hall
Jazz philharmonic hall belongs to odious Russian jazz musician and producer David Goloshyokin, known for his ultra-conservative approach to music.
Address: #27, Zagorodny Pr.
Metro: Vladimirskaya/Dostoevskaya.
Tel.: 812-164-8565.
Open: Daily 20:00 p.m. to 23:30 p.m.
Cost: 100-120 roubles.

HOktyabrsky Concert Hall
Built on the site of Greek Orthodox Church that was taken down in the 1970’s to make some room for this concert hall. Poor acoustics, so it’s okay for amplified concerts only, forget about operas and classical music shows.
Address: # 6 Ligovsky Pr.
Metro: Ploshad Vosstania.
Tel: 812-275-1300

Tsokol club is determined to keep the trademark warm atmosphere and positive mood. Beer on tap 50 roubles ($2) Nevskoe, 70 roubles ($3) Tuborg. In the evening concerts, weekend night party and more contacts with people.
Address: 3-rd Sovietskaya str., #2/3.
Metro: M. Ploshad Vostaniya.
Open: Sun-Thu 19:00-00:00 a.m., Fri and Sat from 19:00 to the last visitor.
Cost: 150 roubles ($6).


The theatres and halls of St. Petersburg are famous throughout the world for some of the greatest performances and shows in Opera, Ballet, Classical Drama and Music. The Grand Hotel Europe, just a stone's throw away from St. Petersburg's finest institutions, will be delighted to organise tickets and visits for guests to enjoy during their stay. Some theatres of St. Petersburg are:

HAlexandrinsky Drama Theatre
It has been the national theatre of Russia for two and a half centuries. Almost all world premieres of Russian classical dramatic pieces were played on the stage of this theatre and even now both Russian and foreign classics are the base of the theatre’s repertoire.  
Address: Pl. Ostrovskogo.

HBolshoi Drama Theatre
The Bolshoi Drama Theatre was created in 1919 by performing Schiller’s tragedy 'Don Carlos'. Outstanding figures of Russian culture, such as Gorky, Blok, Andreeva, Monakhov and Yuriev took part in its organisation. The plays of Chekhov, Ostrovskiy, Shakespeare, Schiller and other classic playwrights are brought to the stage.  
Address: nab. Fontanki 65.

HMariinsky Theatre
The Mariinsky Theatre is the home of the world-famous Kirov Opera and Ballet. Before the 1917 Revolution the elegant blue and gold Mariinsky was a part of the Imperial Russian Theatres which belonged to the Tsar himself. Enormous sums of money were spent on entertaining the Romanovs and St Petersburg high society.
Address: 1, Teatralnaya Square.
Tel: 812-114-1211
Metro: Sadovaya.

HMussorgsky Opera and Ballet Theatre
The St. Petersburg Mussorgsky State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre occupies a special place in the cultural life of the city. Originally, the theatre was conceived as an experimental theatre, a 'laboratory of Soviet opera'. 
Address: 1, Square of the Arts
Metro: Nevsky Prospect
Tel: 812-595-4284, 812-595-4305

HShostakovich Philharmonic Great Hall
Today The Shostakovich Philharmonic Great Hall is one of the best concert halls in the world. Traditional musical festivals such as Musical Spring in St Petersburg, Musical Olympus, Stars of White Nights and Christmas Meetings in North Palmyra are held here every year. 
Address: Mikhailovskaya ul. 2.

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