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Eating & Drinking

Modern St Petersburg offerings vary from the best Russian and Georgian cuisine, and plenty of variety. Aside from traditional Russian restaurants, Chinese and Japanese cuisine is popular. Food is international with Russian touches (blinis with caviar, herrings). Meals can be good value in good local cafés or hugely costly if you choose upmarket tourist establishments. Most dishes are vegetarian, with some fish. When it comes to drinking, you’ll find some of the best beer in Russia.

Dining out, you'll find food in a variety of price ranges and there's something available to suit all pockets. Generally speaking, restaurants are inexpensive in comparison to some of Europe's big cities, but you can find exclusive and expensive establishments easily, if that's your taste. Service charge is not obligatory in restaurants, but 10 per cent is standard, provided you are content with the service.

Traditional Russian food varies depending on whether you live in a large town or a small village. The essential components however are the same and include potatoes, bread, butter, eggs and meat. Omelettes are popular morning fare, while main courses for the rest of the day include favourites such as pelmeny, which is small balls of minced meat covered with pastry, and vareniky, which is similar but contains berries, potato or curds instead of meat. Steak, beef stroganov and Kiev-style chicken are also popular, while potatoes with mushrooms are a favourite with rural Russians.

Traditional Russian cuisine is widely available with distinct Georgian influences, Eating  in St Petersburg is not simply about going out to eat; it is much more of a social experience, combining food with live entertainment.

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Eating and Drinking in St Petersburg

Eating and Drinking in St Petersburg

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