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Ulyanovsk Travel Guide

Ulyanovsk Travel Guide

Ulyanovsk is located on the Volga River, just east from the capital of Russia, Moscow. It is of great historical importance to Russia, even though many of its buildings and reminders of the past were destroyed during the Soviet era. It is a city where various different nationalities have been able to live in peace with each other, learning to show respect and tolerance towards others.

It’s a large industrial center most recognized for its auto manufacturer (UAZ) and airplane manufacturer (Aviastar). Prior to the end of the Soviet Union, it was also a popular destination for good communists who came to see the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin.

The city is the capital of an Oblast that goes by the same name. Ulyanоvsk Oblast is a multinational territory where people of more than 80 nationalities have lived and worked peacefully for centuries. Russians, Tatars, Chuvashes, and Mordvins are the predominant nationalities.

Culture life of Ulyanovsk is a part of biography of whole Russia, its achievements in the fields of art, literature, philosophy. Historical facts and present day fulfilments once more prove how rich and unique our land is. There are a couple of reminders of people such as Ivan Goncharov (writer), Nikolai Karamzin (historian), Alexander Kerensky (revolutionary leader) and Yusuf Akcura (nationalist).

Ulyanovsk or "City of seven winds" this city every year grows and prospers, providing stable future for its descendants. One can't help loving this city, admiring its broad streets, gardens and parks, being delighted with its heroic past.

The city has become a popular tourist attraction because of its magnificent lakes, forests, mountains and breathtaking landscapes. In Ulyanovsk are working dozens of museums and their branches, dramatic and puppet theatres, theatres for young spectators, state Philharmonic Society, Academic Symphony Orchestra, modern movie theatres and entertaining centres, are published dozens of newspapers and magazines.

Nature is rich and beautiful, with a variety of landscapes, from fields and mountains, hills and valleys, to mixed forests, rivers, and lakes. The region is famous for the Undory resort, the ancient Beloe Lake, Yulovsky Pond, and the Sura River.

You can sale along its shores, fish, and enjoy a barbecues on a secluded beach.
Ulyanovsk is a magnificent city and a beautiful region. Visitors will find it to have a balanced mix of tourist attractions, a fascinating history and breathtaking natural splendour.

Ulyanоvsk is a region of unique romantic landscapes. The hilly Volga shoreline has unimaginably beautiful vistas. Nature itself creates magnificent conditions for rest at any time of year. It is perfect to relax on the Volga River.

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