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Cinemas & Theatres


HKinomax Burevestnik
The cinema has the Dolby Digital acoustic system and projection equipment, also a fine interior, cosy bars and cafes, soft and comfortable chairs.
Address: 29 Lenin Ave
Tel: 4922-24-08-61

HKrugozor DVD-Cinema
A small DVD hall, equipped with up to date projection facilities and Dolby Digital system, creates intimate atmosphere, comfortable sofas, food and beverages from the bar.
Address: 38 B Moskovskaya St
Tel: 4922-32-49-00

The cinema has three halls and Dolby Digital system in the big hall.
Address: 13 B. Moskovskaya St
Tel: 4922-32-37-77, 4922-32-39-64

HRus Cinema
Address: 8 Suzdalsky Ave
Tel: 4922-21-10-18, 4922-21-06-18


HVladimir Regional Drama Theatre named after A. Lunacharsky
The theatre season is from September till May. In summer the company is on tour.
Established in 1848 the theatre is one of the oldest in the country. 
Address: 4 Dvoryanskaya St
Tel: 4922-32-42-58, 4922-32-30-92
Open. Box office working hours 13:00-18:30, Sun 11:00-18:30, closed Mon.

HConcert Hall named after V. Taneev
The concert season is from September to July.
Tel: 4922-32-06-17, 4922-36-63-54 (box office)

HVladimir Regional Puppet Theatre
The theatre season is from September till mid June. In July-August the company is on tour. The theatre has a lot of performances for small children and school children in repertory. 
Address: 7 Gagarin St
Tel: 4922-32-31-41, 4922-32-36-88, 4922-32-42-28

HRazgulyay Folk Theatre
The theatre season is from September till May. In summer the company is on tour
Address: 194-a Dobroselskaya St
Tel: 4922-21-67-70, 4922-31-29-77


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