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Theatres in Vladivostok

The tour will introduce you to the theatric life of Vladivostok from the tsar times till present days. You will get to know about Bi-Ba-Bo old theatre, Korean, Chinese, Pushkin and other theatres.

HChamber Drama Theatre
It was established in 1946. Chamber Drama Theatre performs in the classical traditions, staging only the plays written by Russian dramatists. Plays for both children and adults are staged in this theatre. 
Address: #15A Svetlanskaya St.
Tel: 4232-224-078, 4232-225-216
Cost: 5 roubles ($0.8) for children and 10-15 roubles ($2-$3) for adults.

HChinese Sweets
This exotic tour will introduce you to the traditions of Chinese cuisine which are quite influential in Vladivostok. The guide will take you to the places in Vladivostok where Chinese café used to be in the pre Soviet times. You will learn about numerous China towns of the old Vladivostok. Also, you will have a chance to try authentic Chinese sweets at one of the best Chinese cafes.

HCircuses of Vladivostok
The famous Russian circus is well-known all over the world. The tour will tell you about the history and circus traditions in Vladivostok from the circus tents to the modern shows. You will learn about legendary circus performances: water, ice and bear shows.  

HPrimorsky Province Puppet Theatre
It was opened in 1940. Plays are staged for children as well as for adults. The theatre's style is a combination of various systems. The repertoire mainly includes plays written by Russian authors.
Address: #8 Petra Velikogo St.,
Tel: 4232-221-344, 4232-260-421

HThe Maxim Gorky Regional Drama Theater
The theatre was established in 1972. Plays for both children and adults, including dramas, comedies and musicals, are staged in the theatre. The hall of the theatre cans accommodate 916 people.
Address: #49 Svetlanskaya St.
Tel: 4232-220-136, 4232-264-034, 4232-264-769, 4232-264-587
Cost: 10 to 35 roubles ($1.5-$6).


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