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Cafes in Vladivostok

HVladivostok Cyberc@fe
The First Internet cafe in Vladivostok and small bar.
Address: 209, 19, Uborevicha str.
Tel: 423-226-9135
Cost: 36 roubles/hour ($1.2/h).
Open: Mon-Sun 0:00-24:00 a.m.

HCafé Express
They serve Russian soups, salads, and meat dishes. No drinks. The service is competent and quick, and prices are high.
Address: Okeansky Prospect 10-12
Tel: 4232-225-577

HCafé Iguana
It is a beer/coffee place with a western theme. Smoking allowed and 24 hour internet available in the back room.
Address: Svetlanskaya 23.
Tel: 4232-481-367

HCafé Montmartre
A small, smoky, expensive café and wine place. Coffee drinks with booze go for about 150 roubles ($6).
Address: Svetlanskaya 9/6.
Tel: 4232-412-789.

HCoffee Club Oakhaca
It serves delicious coffees, though pricey. Travellers are sure to feel welcome because almost all the young servers speak perfect English.
Address: Semyonovskaya 21.
Open: Daily except Mondays from 16:00-23:00 p.m.

HCoffee Time
Upstairs the service is faster, but to get to the toilet is a hassle. Downstairs is darker and more intimate.
Address: Svetlanskaya, 44. Up a bit from Magic Burger
Tel: 4232-268-946

HHocus Pocus
This moored ship is a casino, not a café, but they’ve got a little bar tucked in the corner where you can get a French-press pot of coffee and a delicious Italian sandwich for cheap.
Address: Svetlanskaya 23.
Tel: 4232-495-858

HKafe Krishna
It has a cheap Hindu vegetarian food
Address: Okeansky pr. 10/12.

It is a classy European café with European prices. You’ll think you’re in Vienna, if you can find the entrance.
Address: Svetlanskaya 15.

HStudio Café
It was the place for coffee and business lunches.
Address: Semyonovskaya 18b.

Tel: 4232-413-246

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