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Pizzerias and Fast Food in Vladivostok


Some of these places will satisfy you in a pinch.

HMauro Gianvanni
This is a full restaurant, but they have a legitimate pizza oven. Tasty salads and Italian dishes too.
Address: Fokino 1b. Close to the stadium and the waterfront
Tel: 4232-220-782

HPizza M & Bekkeri M
Next to the Gorky drama theater, these are brother establishments, although with different pizzas, and located at different ends of the same building.
Address: Svetlanskaya 51A.
Tel: Pizza M: 4232-264-436. Bekkeri M: 4232-265-397.

They have salmon pizza for fish lovers, salads, spaghetti, and Russian beer available at moderate prices.
Address: Fontannaya 35.
Tel: 4232-220-723


Vladivostok might be unique among biggish Russian cities it has no McDonald’s, no Burger King, no Taco Bell or KFC. But there’s at least one derivative for each.

HAli Baba
It is a point and pick Mediterranean fast food and vegetarian place.
Address: Pogranichnaya 6, across from the stadium
Tel: 4232-264-887
Open: Till midnight.

HCafé 3T
Address: Aleutskaya Prospekt 43.
Tel: 4232-400-819
Open: All night.

HMagic Burger
Address: Svetlanskaya 44.

HMagic Bell
Mexican dishes like: tacos, chimichangas, etc. On the bright side, it’s a hangout, cheap enough for the student crowd the kind of place where if you speak English loud enough you’re going to make friends.
Address: Svetlanskaya, next to Dom Offiserov Flota.
Tel: 4232-229-596.

HSimpson Food
Pictures of the TV Simpsons colour up the place. Slightly better food, slightly friendly servers, slightly less painful music, and slightly better dressed cliental.
Address: Okeansky Prospekt 117, near the Pervaya Rechka bus stop.
Tel: 4232-450-214.

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