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Vladivostok Travel Guide

Getting Around Vladivostok

Vladivostok has a very developed public transport; you can choice between trolley buses, regular buses, trams, trains, funicular, taxis, ferryboat and cutter. As Vladivostok is a highly mountainous city, walking and bicycle access might be rather physically demanding. By far the most common public transport is the bus, both large route buses and marshrutka shared taxis

The travel costs lest than $1US dollars by buses, funicular, cutters and ferries. Trolley buses and trams are free now but it can be changed. The prices of the train's ticket vary depending on the distance. In the rush hours and in the evening when urban transport is overcrowded, it is better to use commercial buses, which travel costs are $0,50 US dollars.

Hours of operation are from 6:00 a.m. till 23:00 p.m. for trolleys, buses, trains and trams, from 7:00 a.m. till 20:00 p.m. for ferries and cutters.

Access to the outlying areas is generally best done by bus or suburban commuter train. The train station is very accessible and a great way to see neighbouring cities likes Khabarovsk and others.
There are a number of taxi companies, and hailing one is easy. There's no meter, because most companies and freelance drivers charge flat rate of 150 R ($7) for one hour. Some companies are:

Prim Taxi
Tel: 4232-555-255, 4232-555-555
Elit Taxi
Tel: 4232-549-999
Primorye Taxi
Tel: 4232-205-405
Allo Taxi
Tel: 4232-206-060
Tel: 4232-980-858.

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