Kitchen Resurfacing Options: Types, Costs and Reviews

Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen

Cabinets are one of the most expensive parts of a kitchen, and they tend to show wear and tear quickly. If you’re tired of looking at your old cabinets, then it may be time for some kitchen resurfacing! There are many options that you can consider when it comes to this project:

Using paint: This is a cheaper option than replacing your cabinets and will not change the entire look. It does require more work on your end; however, because you need to prepare surfaces with primer or sealer before painting them with any color.

Kitchen Resurfacing

Laminating: A laminated finish is applied over an existing cabinet surface which smoothes out imperfections in the wood such as scratches and dents. This is a good option if you want to change the color of your cabinets without doing a full replacement.

Refacing: Replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts while keeping the existing cabinet boxes is known as refacing. This option can be more expensive than other resurfacing methods, but it can give your kitchen a new look quickly and easily.

Replacing: If your cabinets are beyond repair, then replacing them may be the best option for you. This will be the most expensive approach, but it will also give you the biggest transformation.

Finally, you can always try a DIY approach if you’re feeling adventurous! There are many tutorials online that can show you how to resurface your cabinets using different methods.

When choosing a resurfacing method, it’s important to consider both your budget and how much work you’re willing to yourself. Talk to a professional to get advice on the best option for your kitchen.