What an Arborist Does for Your Property

Your Guide to Trees: Why You Need an Arborist

Trees are a huge part of our lives. We use them for shade, we climb on them as children and we build campsites in their branches. But what do you know about the trees around your home? Do you know if they’re healthy or dead? Are they diseased? Does it matter to you that some trees need professional attention to stay alive and well? Are you searching “arborists near me” on your phone?

The tree population in the United States is decreasing by about 12 million trees every single year. That’s like taking down a big building – and we’re not even talking skyscrapers. We’re talking two football fields wide and 500 feet tall!

Arborists Near Me

An arborist will be able to tell you which kind of trees are around your home, how healthy they are, whether or not there are any pests on them that need attention, what types of diseases they have contracted through time etc. It’s important for homeowners to understand their surrounding area so that when an issue comes up with one particular species it can be dealt with properly without harming other species in the neighbourhood. If these issues aren’t taken care of, trees can end up dying and it’s not only the loss of a beautiful piece of nature, but also an expensive bill to replace them.

If you thought that was bad news for your wallet (not including all those hours people will spend trying to make money off trips to see this “big building”), we’ve got more! It costs $96 billion dollars every year in damages brought about by fallen trees. That includes damage from fires caused by dead or diseased/insect infested wood as well as damaged structures like homes and buildings.

If there is one thing homeowners need around their home right now, it’s an arborist who can help maintain these trees so they don’t fall and cause any more damage. It’s an unfortunate situation, but it’s one that we can all take steps to prevent together.

Did you know that arborists aren’t just for big trees? They also help with smaller plants – like the ones in your garden! An arborist can help diagnose problems with your plants, prescribe treatments and even give you advice on how to keep them healthy.

If you’re having trouble getting your garden to thrive, or if it’s just not looking as good as you’d like it too, consider hiring an arborist! They may be able to help get your green thumb back on track.