What are the Most Common Roof Issues?

Key Reasons for Leaks and What to do About Them

Most homeowners don’t know much about their roofs. You should, however! A roof is one of the most important parts of your house because it protects you from the elements and prevents water damage. Slate Roofers Barrow in Furness know how to recognize the most common roof issues.

Leaks – If you have leaks anywhere in your home due to water coming through your ceiling or up through the flooring, then this could be an issue with your roof. There might be a tear or hole somewhere that needs to be fixed quickly before it becomes worse and more expensive to repair.

Sun Damage – Asphalt shingles are susceptible to sun damage if they are not covered by something else like snow during certain months out of the year. The sun will cause your shingles to dry out and crack, which can lead to other issues with your roof if you don’t catch it soon enough.

Slate Roofers Barrow in Furness

Organic Growth – If there is any organic growth on top of your roof, then this could be an issue because that means rats or squirrels are living up there! You should have a professional inspect things more closely for damage later down the road when they might become larger problems than just being noisy neighbors in the attic.

Pest Damage – If pest infestation has occurred in one area of your home due to something like leaking pipes or cracks in walls, then water may seep through these holes into your insulation where pests can make themselves comfortable without anyone ever knowing. You’ll start to see the damage when your insulation is wet and it will be harder to get rid of the pests if you don’t take care of the roof problem too.

Age – The older your roof gets, the more likely it is to experience problems like those listed above. If you’re not sure how old your roof is or when it was last inspected, then now might be a good time to find out! A professional can tell you what kind of shape your roof is in and whether any repairs are necessary.