Working as a Security Guard

An Introduction to Working in Residencies

Do you want to make some money? Do you like the idea of working in a variety of different locations with flexible hours? If so, then becoming a security guard may be the perfect job for you. The residential security guards are responsible for ensuring that residents feel safe and secure within their own home. They also watch over many high-value items, such as jewelry and artwork.

Security guards often work in residencies or office buildings during night shifts when there is less traffic. They typically wear uniforms that identify them as an officer of the law, carry pepper spray or guns to deter criminals from trying anything funny, and have access to emergency equipment should something go wrong on site.

Residential Security Guards

Not only does this job give you the chance to earn some extra money, but it also allows you to work in a variety of different locations. Many security guards get hired for short-term assignments at special events or during times when there are fewer officers working on site. This means that you can take advantage of opportunities like these and plan your schedule around them!

Having flexible hours is another perk of becoming a security guard; most night shifts start between six p.m. and eight p.m., depending upon which facility needs an officer on duty next. If someone wants more daytime availability than typical nighttime hours require, they may be able to negotiate with their employer so long as they have had recent experience within the field already (which is why having experience in this type of work is important to begin with).

Security guards do much more than just watch over the residents and office buildings they are assigned to. They must listen for any emergency alarms that may go off, such as a fire alarm or an intruder alert. If there is something wrong on site, security officers typically need to determine whether it’s safe for other people occupying the area before calling the authorities. Guarding jobs can also entail checking identification cards when someone enters and exits specific areas within their building so that security teams know who should be where at all times (and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering certain rooms).